All systems are go…

Hello, world. My name is Nina, and I’m one of the two creators of (Pop) Culturally Informed, and I’m excited to write my very first post in our brand new blog. To tell the truth, I’ve been pretty impatient about writing this to begin with.

The reason for my impatience is probably that there is JUST SO MUCH GOING ON in pop culture this week! The Toronto Film Festival is underway. Summer series are wrapping up, including but not limited to The Newsroom (my second-favorite best worst show on television, second only to True Blood) and Breaking Bad (which I haven’t begun yet, but my cohort Ben will absolutely be able to talk about once he gets his feels together). It’s Fashion Week! Miley just got dumped from a Vogue cover because Anna Wintour can’t move past Twerkgate!  That mommy porn movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, just cast its two leads, two unfortunate actors who will now have to carry that baggage around for the rest of their lives!

That last piece of pop culture information leads me to an important point about this blog. Ben and I started this project with the belief that our interests make us a great pop culture duo, which led to me making a joke about how Ben likes “smart stuff” and I could “write about the Kardashians.” That’s an oversimplification, but is also kind of true. While Ben will probably cover the end of Breaking Bad and start premature Oscar prognostications (because the true heart of a pop culture blog is seriously early award show coverage), I’m totally willing to cover various Kardashian antics and casting news for awful sex book adaptations. I’ll also be covering the final season of Mad Men and the next season of Game of Thrones, because I watch those and Ben doesn’t. So everything will eventually even out.

And with all of that rambling out of the way, I’m free to begin the week with one of our weekly features, A Piece of My Mind. The mysteries of the Fifty Shades movie adaptation. Coming soon.

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