Do This, Do That: Mike Daisey’s “ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON”


“Do This, Do That” is where we recommend something new and exciting that you should try watching/listening/reading. 

Mike Daisey is a damn good storyteller. We can argue about the controversy surrounding what is likely his most famous monologue, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” til the cows come home (and it’s possible I will write a piece later on describing my thoughts on the matter), but you cannot deter me from believing in the power of Daisey as a storyteller. His extemporaneous performance style and his commanding stage presence truly make him a force to be reckoned with. His work is imbedded with a unique humor and gravitas that makes for a beautifully balanced story and a perfectly balanced performance. He has covered all sorts of topics, and not only experiments with performance topics, but also performance techniques, having once performed a 24-hour monologue, which I’m sure was a sight to behold.

His new epic, entitled “All the Faces of the Moon” is currently taking place at Joe’s Pub in the Public Theater. A 29-night epic, this novel-esque monologue has already covered topics ranging from Mayor Bloomberg, to Dungeons & Dragons, to the Manhattan Theater Club, to farmers markets and packages found in trees and crowns made out of Budweiser cans. If all goes as it should, over the course of these 29 nights, Daisey will weave together a tale of New York, a tale of a country, a tale of people and survival and change. Just as the moon will complete its’ cycle in these 29 nights, so shall Daisey complete a narrative that may go down as one of the most theatrically epic.

Daisey is already 4 nights in, and for those who aren’t in New York to witness this event (myself included), you can listen along in podcast form, which you can find on iTunes, or at While you may not be getting the pleasure of seeing Daisey in person, it’s still a delight to listen to the podcast night after night, putting together piece by piece what is sure to be a damn good story.

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