Alongside Ylvis performing on Jimmy Fallon, here’s what else you might have missed this week…

-Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West made up. Or something. Who knows anymore.

-Check out these sexy posters for Lars Von Trier’s new film, Nymphomaniac. 

-In not-so-fun news, Tom Hanks revealed that he has Type 2 Diabetes. Also, his new movie, Captain Phillips, looks pretty great.

-It’s only October, but Quentin Tarantino has already released his list of the Best Films of 2013 So Far. And it’s likely the only place you’ll see Gravity and The Lone Ranger mentioned in the same place.

-Speaking of Gravity, we’ll have a review up in the next few days. At the top of the box office for two weeks running, it’s one of the most talked-about movies of the year, and there are very good reasons as to why…

-Matt Smith will be playing Patrick Bateman in the musical adaptation of American Psycho. Make up your own damn joke for this, I know you can do it.

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