Quickie: Parks and Rec on Indefinite Hiatus, Everything Sucks


Horrible news for people who like laughing and Nick Offerman’s mustache. NBC has put Parks and Recreation on hiatus for basically the rest of the year. There will only be two episodes between now and January 9, and is planned to return on that date, but NBC may not hold to that.* The show’s viewership has never been stellar but this still totally sucks a butt. The weirdest part is that, as Vulture puts it, it was a VERY quiet and abrupt decision- it’s not being particularly well advertised. Hopefully this is a developing story. If it’s not and Parks and Rec is just canceled then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

*Originally this article stated that there was no word on when the show would return to Thursdays on NBC; it is currently slated for January 9.

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