Roundup: Monday, October 21st


Let’s all pretend that Roundup and ICYMI aren’t the exact same thing. Whatever. I forgot to even do ICYMI this week so I think we can all probably overlook that. Glad we had this talk.

The Fifth Estate bombs at the box office, with an opening weekend of just $1.7 million – which is, in fact, the WORST OPENING SO FAR OF 2013. Yikes. I guess no one wanted to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a Samantha Jones wig.

-This weekend, about 200 people gathered at an empty grave for Walter White’s fake funeral. There was a gravestone and eulogies and everything which is a little over the top but I know Breaking Bad fans are all one step away from needing rabies vaccines. (Said with love, Ben.) The event was a fundraiser for Albuquerque’s Healthcare for the Homeless, though, and it did raise $17,000. So all’s well that ends well.

-Last season, NBC cruelly axed Betty White’s prank show (which I didn’t know existed), but thank God, Lifetime picked it up for its third (?!?!?!?) season. I’ll file that under It’s Not News if No One Knew About It In The First Place, which is an overly long category title.

-This is a bit late, but Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Buttplugs film adaptation, apparently because he didn’t have full script approval, which I assume means he wanted to burn all copies of the scripts and books in a maniacal rage and never speak of them again.

-As a burgeoning Doctor Who fan (I just started the fifth season and I’m missing David Tennant already), I was pretty psyched to see that the trailer for the 50th anniversary special was released. Doctor Who fans are actually MORE rabid than Breaking Bad fans (the show has been around for fifty freaking years) so I assume a lot of people around the world are freaking the fuck out today.

-The most recent issue of the New Yorker has an absolutely glowing review of Lorde’s debut album, which I’ve had on repeat myself for a few weeks. She did just say no to opening for Katy Perry on her world tour (a little inside information) so she’ll be a really big deal in a month or so.

-Speaking of glowing reviews, the first reviews of 12 Years a Slave are so effusive that they seem a little ridiculous, but I guess it really is that good. We’ll do a review ourselves when one of us gets around to seeing it, since it’s the front-runner for the Oscars already. And it’s October.

-This weekend I read in a tabloid that Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman, which seems like a hilariously fake story, and that Dan Radcliffe smokes too much pot, to which I say, Jennifer Lawrence likes to drink wine and smoke pot so the two of them should hang out and I should probably go too.

More updates coming this week. I won’t say what they are because I don’t know yet, except for our weekly AHS: Coven recap. Cool!

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