ICYMI: December 6, 2013


Oh, hello, December! It’s officially the holiday season now, which, as a non-religious human, I consider to be drinking season, so spike that eggnog and let’s get on with it! (Disclaimer: I am not doing that because it is not even 11 AM and I am at work, but it’s the thought that counts.)

-The saddest news comes first. Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday, at the age of 95, in his home. We lost a great mind and a great humanitarian, and the world will surely continue to mourn this loss for years to come.

-More sad news: Paul Walker died in a car accident last weekend, at the young age of 40. This tragedy has halted the production of Fast and Furious 7, which Walker had been working on until shortly before his death. Rumors abound that the entirety of the movie will be scrapped and re-shot without Walker, but studio executives are also apparently adamant that the franchise will continue, even if this installment is put on hold. By all accounts, Walker was a pretty great guy who ran around buying engagement rings for strangers, so basically, this week has been completely depressing.

-In decidedly less somber news, Joe Jonas, formerly of the purity-ring wearing, teen sensation boy-band the Jonas Brothers has written a kind of expose about being a part of the Disney machine, smoking weed with Miley, and losing his virginity. One of the twins from The Suite Life of Someone and Something wrote a response basically indicating that Jonas’ piece was bullshit. I don’t know who to believe! Let’s get Miley on the case!

-In weird and hilarious and not at all sad news, Kimye went cray cray this week. First, Kanye commissioned (well, maybe, reports differ on that) Andy Warhol’s COUSIN, Monica (?!?!?!) to create a Warhol-inspired painting of Kim. The painting in question is awful and hilarious and I would like a giant version of it for my apartment because it is so insane. Also, the couple apparently wants to get married at Versailles, which is totally subtle and low key. Never stop, Kimye. Keep on being you.

-Britney’s new album came out this week, to pretty bleak reviews. Vulture‘s Jody Rosen actually called it DOA and wondered if “Britney Spears is the most boring person on the planet.” Maybe now people will leave Britney alone after all. (Guys! Remember Chris Crocker?!)

-The Sound of Music live concert aired last night, to much live-tweeting and dismay (even DiGiornos got in on it!). I haven’t watched it yet because life and work but as soon as it’s on Hulu there will be a drunken play-by-play. Obviously.

-Film.com put up a really great compilation of one critic’s 25 best movies of 2013, because it’s officially best-of season! But really watch it, it’s so cool.

Speaking of best-of lists, we’ll be doing some ourselves, with some guest authors and transcripts of Ben and I arguing over which TV shows are better. We’ll also be doing Oscar nomination predictions before the nominations are announced on January 16. And, one of these days, Ben will finish his billion theatre reviews. Happy freezing cold weekend, everyone!

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