ICYMI: Friday, February 7

B.J. Novak’s book also came out this week. You should buy it.

Welcome to February, folks. Here’s another riveting installment of In Case You Missed It, and boy, did a lot happen this week.

-Vulture put together an extremely fun history of George Clooney’s pranks on his famous friends. It seems like it would be awesome and kind of suck at the same time to hang out with the Cloon.

-In other news about famous people who seem goddamn delightful, Nick Offerman sang a song about Sundance, pussy and weed on Conan. Is there anything that Nick Offerman can’t do? I’m starting to suspect the answer is no.

-NBC is pulling both Sean Saves the World (which is almost definitely canceled) and The Michael J. Fox Show from Thursday nights after the Olympics ends, leading most news outlets to report the cancellation of both shows. NBC is adamant that Fox will find a spot, but, its ratings are pretty bleak, so let’s be honest here.

-USA announced that Psych‘s eighth season will be its last. You know, that show about a fake psychic detective and Charlie from The West Wing teaming up to solve crimes? I… really didn’t think people actually watched that, much less that it was on for eight whole seasons. Jeez.

-Get ready to feel old: Mean Girls turns ten this year, so Vulture sat down with director Mark Waters for some juicy stories and fun facts about the cult favorite, like the fact that Amy Poehler wrote the Kevin Gnapoor rap (of course she did) and that Lindsay Lohan was scared shitless of a far more mature Rachel McAdams.

-Well, thank GOD. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have finalized their deals to return for Pitch Perfect 2: Pitchier and Perfecter.

-Lily Allen released a music video for her new single, “Air Balloon,” which is, inexplicably, not film in an air balloon.

Jay Leno FINALLY left The Tonight Show on Thursday (which HE IS TOTALLY FINE WITH OKAY) and was serenaded by a whole host of people, including his first ever guest, Billy Crystal, and, um, noted vocalist Kim Kardashian. I feel like being serenaded by Kim Kardashian is a pretty mean send-off, actually.

Pussy Riot, with the help of a translator, appeared on Colbert this week, and as you can guess, it was amazing and hilarious. Just watch it.

-Disappointing sane, normal people everywhere, J.K. Rowling told Emma Watson in an interview this week that “she regrets pairing up Ron and Hermione,” even though anyone with a brain realizes that Harry and Hermione would have been stupid. Not only would Ron and Hermione not have been fully developed characters, but that’s just so BORING. Whatever, J.K. Thanks for re-starting the shipping wars – they weren’t vicious enough the first time around.

-Finally, in incredibly sad news, Amy Adams broke down while discussing Philip Seymour Hoffman on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Adams worked with Hoffman twice, on Doubt and The Master, and he contributed a lovely and extremely complimentary quote about working with her for her recent cover issue of Vanity Fair. Really, really sad stuff.

Well, even though I’m leaving this on a completely depressing note, enjoy your snowy (if you’re suffering through an East Coast winter like I am) weekend. See you next week for more Oscar profiles and predictions!

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