ICYMI: February 14, 2014

Preach, Tina.

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to you, readers! I hope you’re all eating way too much candy on this snowy and supposedly romantic day. Here’s what you might have missed this week.

-For the first time since the movie was released, the cast of Frozen performed live versions of all the songs (with the exception of Jonathan Groff, who was sick or filming Looking or something), hosted by Josh Gad. Well, now we know what the Broadway musical will look like! Also, apparently Kristen Bell gave a little speech about how her childhood dream was to be a Disney princess, which is adorable. I want to go to there, and I haven’t even SEEN Frozen.

-Jane Krakowski, whom I deeply miss on 30 Rock, landed a new pilot on Fox, playing a woman accused of murdering her boss. Yes. Will watch.

-Joel McHale will host the White House Correspondent’s Dinner this spring, which is kind of a confusing choice, but I’ll roll with it.

-I’m not linking to anything here, but I’m just reminding everyone that House of Cards Season 2 premiered on Netflix today, so… go watch that.

-Since they’re just a few floors apart and their true love can’t be stopped, Seth Meyers assured audiences that Stefon will show up on Late Night, and everything was okay, forever.

-CNN did a behind-the-scenes report on the Oscars that included a thing about the making of the statuettes, and a bunch of people thought that they spoiled the race for Best Actor because they showed a plaque with Leonardo DiCaprio’s name on it. Well, apparently, they make a plaque for every nominee and melt down the ones they don’t use, which is so depressing if you really think about it, and then think about how many melted plaques DiCaprio has.

-The normally very polite Drake (I mean, he is Canadian) bitched on Twitter about Rolling Stone replacing his cover with one honoring Philip Seymour Hoffman (the tweets were deleted, VERY quickly). He’s since apologized for his tantrum, but it was still a total dick move.

-This Week In Shia: he wears a paper bag on his head that said “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” to the Nymphomaniac premiere; he dons that same bag again for an art exhibit in LA where he cries on you; Marina Abramovic kind of makes fun of him; and Emile Hirsch and Mara Wilson actively make fun of him.

-The absolutely delightful Greta Gerwig will star on How I Met Your Dad, the forthcoming How I Met Your Mother spin-off with all new characters. So, the main character will be klutzy and not sure what to do with her life? Sounds fantastic.

-And, finally, if you’re feeling romantic today and want to Photoshop yourself kissing Ryan Gosling, this website has made it nice and simple for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Or, as we’re calling it on the East Coast and in the South, Happy Eight Day Snowbound Weekend. More Oscar stuff coming up this week!

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