Our Guide to the Oscars!

Is everyone excited for this Sunday? Good, I thought so. We’ve got you all covered this year, with all of our predictions posted, and all of our profiles written for the Best Picture nominees! Here’s a handy guide for you with all of these fancy links!

Predictions Part 1
Predictions Part 2
Predictions Part 3
Predictions Part 4

Best Picture Profiles:
American Hustle
“The depth of character mixed with Russell’s trademark improvisational style results in a quick-witted character study that’s pretty fun to watch.”
Captain Phillips
“…the juxtaposition of the lives of two captains…is one that makes this film not just good, but great.”
Dallas Buyers Club
“Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof is nothing short of transcendent.”
“…a technologically groundbreaking film with a large scale and a small point – that the human spirit is indomitable.”
“There isn’t a movie out there that speaks to this generation’s longing for connection like Her.”
“…it’s hard to think of another film this year that had such a fascinating character study of such a forgotten pocket of contemporary America.”
“In Philomena’s story, [Martin Sixsmith] not only finds an expose, but personal inspiration.”
12 Years a Slave
“This film crawls under your skin and refuses to leave.”
The Wolf of Wall Street
“[Leonardo DiCaprio’s] performance is completely unhinged and utterly deranged.”

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