ICYMI: Friday, March 21

So, apparently yesterday was the first day of spring, Divergent comes out today, and every music festival I can’t afford to go to is announcing their line-ups! Fabulous. Here’s what else happened this week.

-Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel formed a two man doo-wop group, so that’s a delightful thing that happened.

SNL has an incredible lineup of hosts for the next few episodes. Louis CK will host on March 29 with musical guest Sam Smith, Anna Kendrick on April 5 with musical guest Pharrell, and Seth Rogen on April 12 with musical guest Ed Sheeran. Please, writers, don’t screw any of these people like you screwed Jennifer Lawrence.

-David Cross, most famous for playing Tobias Funke, has has joined the cast of Fox’s sitcom Dead Boss, which is also starring Jane Krakowski, and my inner comedy nerd just peed a little out of sheer excitement.

-Do you want to see a picture of Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace? Well, here it is.

-So, apparently, Louis CK once said that any actor who would stand up and ask Sean Penn a question during Inside the Actor’s Studio was doomed to never make it. That being said, Bradley Cooper’s entire career exists to prove him wrong.

-Anthony Lane wrote a really slobbery profile of ScarJo in the most recent New Yorker, and I’m obviously not the only one who thought it was a little weird, since Vulture has compiled a roundup of other writers’ responses to the piece.

-Everyone’s boyfriend Ryan Gosling will be reappearing in the public eye to play Busby Berkeley, the famously flamboyant director and choreographer. WELL THANK GOD. WHERE HAS HE BEEN?!?

-The Sorkin/Fincher Steve Jobs biopic (aka The Social Network 2: Electric Boogaloo) has its sights set on Christian Bale for the title role. No, really, Fincher said he won’t even make the movie if Bale doesn’t do it. So… no pressure, Christian!

-And, finally, for some reason there are TWO Jungle Book remakes in the works – one directed by Jon Favreau and the other, now, by motion-capture icon Andy Serkis, best known for playing Gollum and Caesar. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day where there would be two competing Jungle Book remakes, but apparently, that day has come.

We’ll actually be putting up some movie reviews starting next week, as well as some Piece of My Mind essays, a largely forgotten about feature here at (Pop) Culturally Informed. We’ll also be debuting a new and exciting feature in the next few weeks, written by a West Coast correspondent. Happy spring, even though it’s supposed to snow in Philly! Again! Gahhhh!!

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