ICYMI: Friday, March 28

Let’s ignore the fact that it’s not Friday and just accept that this is a special Saturday edition of ICYMI, because I didn’t have access to the internet yesterday! Okay then.

-Yesterday, at the American Horror Story panel at Paleyfest, Ryan Murphy announced that basically everyone from Coven will be back, plus new addition Michael Chiklis, for Freak ShowI have so many feelings about this. All of them are positive.

-Also coming soon is the Magic Mike sequel, as penned by professional beefcake/icon of perfection Channing Tatum, and it will be called Magic Mike XXLYes. I can’t. Such happy. Wow.

-In an attempt to appease fans who have been waiting a full Westeros winter for the sixth Game of Thrones book, George R.R. Martin has released an excerpt from the eventually forthcoming The Winds of Winter – spoilers, obviously, but it’s an Arya chapter, so that rocks. Oh, and speaking of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow has a butt double. Sorry, ladies.

-Are you upset that How I Met Your Mother is ending on Monday? So are Billy Eichner and Lindsay Lohan, who smashed a HIMYM-themed car out of pure sadness, I guess. Can we talk about how hard Billy Eichner has been killing it lately?

-Whoops. Even though Hannah Horvath was accepted to the prestigious University of Iowa writer’s workshop, the university will not allow Girls to film on campus, so that’s kind of awkward.

-So, Colbert did a bit where he made fun of the Redskins owner for starting a charity that has the word Redskins in its name, and made a joke that was great in context about starting a charity for “Orientals or whatever,” which promptly was taken out of context when Comedy Central tweeted it, and people got really butthurt and started a #CancelColbert hashtag. To the people using this hashtag: you know his show is satirical, right? And you get that he’s ON OUR SIDE, RIGHT?! Sigh.

-Once he’s finished with Captain America, Chris Evans is planning on quitting acting and moving behind the camera. I hate to break it to him, but he’s probably contractually obligated to do, like, 20 more Avengers movies, sooooo, yeah.

-The Emmys are changing up their rules a little bit and allowing True Detective to compete in the Drama category, even though it’s technically an anthology slash miniseries, not unlike AHS, which always competes in Miniseries. This means McConaughey will be up against both Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm, most likely, while he’s fresh off his Oscar win, and that the series itself will have to contend with Breaking Bad‘s final season, Game of Thrones‘ fourth season (which is jam-packed with Emmy material, I can assure you), and the first half of Mad Men‘s final season. YIKES. This year’s Emmy race just got way crazier.

-Also, Emmys powerhouse AMC is developing a whole buttload of original series, including, finally, some comedies, so hopefully those have a chance of eventually beating Modern Family!

-And, finally, after the really-big-deal death on last week’s Good Wife, Vulture, among other websites, has rounded up a list of ways that TV shows have killed off unhappy actors. Most creative, naturally, goes to South Park re: Chef.

Next week, we’ll have another piece about HIMYM, and hopefully more opinion pieces coming up, including some thoughts about Paleyfest! Have fun in the rain! (It’s raining on this whole half of the country, so, just assuming.)

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