ICYMI: Friday, March 14

Well, True Detective‘s first season is over, spring is kind of springing, and it’s Pi Day, I guess! Math!

-But more importantly, one year ago today, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter began, and crushed every Kickstarter record ever – meaning that today is the day the VERONICA MARS MOVIE COMES OUT. It’s not playing in a huge number of theaters, but you can download it in Digital HD from Amazon, iTunes, or Flixster. Happy watching, marshmallows!

-Yesterday, during a concert at SXSW, Lady GaGa had a performance artist vomiting neon puke on her during the performance – said performance artist apparently does this all the time, as her act. What? Why? Why is neon barfing “art?” I just don’t get modern art, you guys.

-I’m sure you’re aware that President Obama appeared (and killed) on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis. Here, the director talks to Vulture about how this insane thing even happened and what it was like to film in the White House.

-Chloe Sevigny’s new lady cop drama, Those Who Kill, has been pulled from A&E’s lineup after only two episodes. The network says they just need to find a better spot for it due to low ratings, which I think translates to “this show is DOA and we’re embarrassed.”

Pretty Woman is being turned into a musical, because why the fuck not?

-Here’s a roundup of production photos and recap videos: if you have amnesia and have completely forgotten Season 3 of Game of Thrones, here’s a 25 minute recap so you’re not annoying everyone in the room by asking who that guy with the beard is; here are shots of Robin and Barney’s upcoming wedding on HIMYM which are unclear about whether or not it actually happens; and finally, here are production pictures from Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black (eeee!!!!!!!).

-CBS has renewed basically all of its shows for the fall, including The Big Bang Theory with a history-making three-season pickup, which really just means we have to watch Jim Parsons win one hundred more Emmys and resist punching our TVs.

-That being said, Louie returns on May 5, so thank God.

-Rooney Mara (of The Social Network and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and sister of House of Cards’ Kate Mara) is in negotiations to play Tiger Lily in an adaptation of Peter Pan done by Warner Bros., which is stirring up some understandable controversy about, you know, not casting an actual Native American actress. (The original Disney movie was actually pretty racist about Native Americans to begin with.)

-The inhumanly perfect Julia Louis-Dreyfus was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, and was introduced by the equally perfect Amy Poehler. Both of their speeches are solid gold.

-Want to know where “alright, alright, alright” came from? You’re in luck.

This week, we’ll post a review of the Veronica Mars movie, as well as other essays and random quickies. Have a good pre-Patty’s Day weekend! Green beer is gross! Make good choices!

Form and Void: An Essay on True Detective (by Fred Pelzer)


Our first guest writer is Fred Pelzer, a fellow Pitt graduate, playwright and pop enthusiast who currently resides in Chicago. Keep an eye out for more pieces by guest writers, and thanks to Fred for kicking things off!

This then is the climax of True Detective. Ignore the Lost-esque rabbit holes of hidden crowns and m-hole theories and W. H. Chambers references. Pay no mind to the man behind the yellow mask. For the past 8 hours we have watched two men grapple with the gap between their idea of family and the reality of it. For Marty, his philandering could be written off as for the family, but not until his near death experience does he seem to actually enjoy their presence, fully in the moment and not looking for other ways to satisfy his contradictory self-definition of what it means to be a man.

Continue reading

Quickie: Justin Bieber Has Officially Become King Joffrey


Oh, Justin. TMZ has released footage of his deposition (which is related to his bodyguards beating up a photographer, I guess, and not the drag racing/DUI situation that also totally happened), and just as everyone suspected, Bieber is a complete and total snotrag, not unlike our young king of Westeros (although as of press time, Bieber has not executed anyone in Selena Gomez’s family and then forced her to look at their severed head). These videos are actually appalling, though, but the best part is when he’s trying to say that he was “instrumental” to his own career and ends up saying “detrimental” instead. Gotta love those Freudian slips.

ICYMI: March 7, 2014


Well, the Oscars are over and March has begun, which means we at (Pop) Culturally Informed are determined to not sink into the post-Oscar slump. Things are still happening! Here they are!

Ke$ha has left rehab (she checked herself in a while back for an eating disorder), is reportedly doing well and working on new music, and might be dropping the dollar sign from her name. No jokes here. I have a huge soft spot for Ke$ha (Kesha?) and wish her all the best in her recovery.

-Yesterday, which just so happened to be Throwback Thursday (I’m sorry, did he plan that?!), Aaron Carter announced that he still pines for his ex-girlfriend, Hilary Duff, who recently separated from her hockey player husband (well, that’s definitely awkward). It’s okay, Aaron. I, too, have always remembered that Lizzie McGuire episode where you kissed her in Christmas Village. Hashtag never forget. (Also, seriously, is it 2004 already?)

-Yeah, I know, everyone and their mother has already seen this, but “Let It Go” got the classroom instrument treatment from Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, featuring, of course, Idina Menzel Adele Dazeem.

-Speaking of Fallon, Lindsay Lohan went on to promote her new hot-mess docu-series, and had water thrown in her face while she was wearing a white shirt. I’m not clear on why this happened.

-Amazon threw a bunch of pilots for their original programming up a little while ago, and they’ll be taken down by the end of this weekend, according to an Amazon rep. If you catch them before they’re gone, you can give feedback on what should be picked up and what shouldn’t, so cancel whatever exciting plans you had tonight!

-Amy Poehler is starring in a new set of ads for Old Navy, playing a lawyer obsessed with getting a good deal on pants. Let’s be honest – Amy Poehler could star in a commercial for cockroaches, and I would go out and buy two dozen.

-If you’re watching True Detective (and if you’re not, what the hell are you DOING?!), you should read this awesome Vulture interview with the production designer about all the terrifying props and sets on that show.

-Idris Elba, everyone’s mom’s crush, will be voicing/appearing as villain Shere Khan in Jon Favreau’s upcoming, visual effects/live action remake of The Jungle Book. Okay, fine, I’ll bite. That could be promising.

Have an excellent and hopefully warm-ish weekend, everyone! March is such a tease. We’ll be back next week with, uh, some stuff. We’ll write something. POST-OSCAR DEPRESSION IS REAL AND IT IS HARD, YOU GUYS.

Quickie: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Ongoing Battle with the “Pedorazzi” Heats Up

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, aggrieved parents, are still on their totally fair and actually pretty great crusade to stop paparazzi (or, as they refer to them, the “pedorazzi”) to take unsolicited pictures of celebrity children. So far, Entertainment Tonight, Just Jared, People magazine and Perez Hilton have agreed to stop printing sneak-attack pictures of celeb kiddos, but Shepard and Bell had to go head-to-head with AKM/GSI photo agency owner Steve Ginsburg and celebrity reporter Christian Zimmerman to defend their position. Is it me, or do those guys not have any totally legit arguments? And how fucked up is that hole-in-a-serfboat paparazzi picture OF a paparazzi?!