QUICKIE: Tony Awards Nominations 2014!


Big day for Broadway today, as the nominations for this year’s Tony Awards were JUST announced! You can find the list of nominees HERE!

While I haven’t seen all of the nominees, it seems they gave a lot of love to the jazz revue After Midnight, the critically acclaimed revival of Twelfth Night, and especially, what I thought was an amazing musical (and the only Best Musical nominee I’ve actually seen), A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which I’ll be rooting for come June 8th!

Game of Thrones Recap: Ice Ice Baby

Clearly, now that this season’s big regicide is out of the way, this is the time in Game of Thrones‘ season where they can buckle down, relax a little bit, and get into the plot-heavy mumbling. Not that I’m complaining – since the show’s extremely blah second season, showrunners Benioff and Weiss have figured out how to nicely balance plot with pizazz. For the most part. Last night’s episode, overall, was a naked, muddy, self-righteous mess, with a few moments that weren’t completely irritating. Let’s get to it.

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ICYMI: April 25, 2014

Okay then. Well, it’s the last Friday in April, and a shitload of stuff happened this week, so let’s get to it!

-I should really explain that GIF up there. This week, noted horrible “musician” Avril Lavigne released a super racist and overall weird music video called “Hello Kitty.” I mean, I guess she’s finding entirely new limits to being the worst. I thought she had achieved that when she married the lead singer from goddamn Nickelback, but she just had to go further. (Can you tell how I feel about Avril Lavigne?

-Congratulations to Seth Meyers, who will be hosting the 2014 Emmys, congratulations to the people who will watch the Emmys, because hopefully they’ll be funny, and a pre-congratulations to Jim Parsons on winning his record-breaking 400th Emmy (ARGHHH)!

-Aaron Sorkin, who kind of never apologizes for anything ever, apologized for the first two seasons of The Newsroom, with its third and final season coming up this summer. Oh, Aaron, calm down – it wasn’t THAT bad. Well, yeah, it kind of was, but it made for perfect hate-watching, especially since it airs right after True Blood!

-Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis continue their winning-at-life streak – they had a healthy baby boy named Otis this week and announced him to the world via a hilarious Tweet. Keep on keepin’ on, you two Kenyan marathon runner sex champs.

-There are only two more episodes of SNL left for the season, and the hosts are lined up for both! Charlize Theron will host on May 10th with musical guest The Black Keys, and Andy Samberg will host the May 17th finale with musical guest St. Vincent. Between Charlize’s turn in Arrested Development and everything about Andy Samberg (plus two killer musical acts), I’d say we have two pretty good SNLs to look forward to. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, a digital short. (Come on, Andy! Give the people what they want!)

-I’m sure you’re aware, by this point, that HBO has made a deal with Amazon to stream their classic shows for Amazon Prime subscribers. Note: only classic shows. Game of Thrones is definitely not going to be on the list – at least not for the time being – and other shows like Veep won’t have new seasons added for a few years. So, just keep using your friend’s HBOGo login like you’ve been doing this whole time.

-Speaking of streaming services, Mitch Hurwitz has inked a multi-year deal to create content for Netflix. Obviously, Hurwitz is the creator of Arrested Development, so this is incredibly promising.

-Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who created HIMYM and are now working on How I Met Your Dad, another sitcom that will inevitably crush our souls and disappoint the hell out of us, is continuing the confusing tradition of having an older, more famous person be the voice of the future protagonist (see: Josh Radnor and Bob Saget). So, this time around, Greta Gerwig’s older self will be voiced by Meg Ryan. Whatever. Too pissed about the HIMYM finale to care.

-That Steve Jobs movie that Aaron Sorkin is writing will just not die. Now that David Fincher and Christian Bale are definitely nowhere near the thing, Danny Boyle may direct and Leonardo Dicaprio may star. I can’t really think of a weirder choice to play Steve Jobs than Dicaprio, but maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next director-actor line-up. Hopefully it’ll be Wes Anderson and Ed Norton.

More recaps and articles this week, kids! Have a great post-Easter weekend!

Game of Thrones Recap: Freedom, At All Costs

This week, we find Westeros reeling from the murder of the king, and everyone’s looking to make some deals and get everything squared away before Tommen, Joffrey’s younger brother, is crowned the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. This was a pretty talky-talky episode, especially after last week’s magnificently tense masterpiece, but there were some great moments here, and some even better set-up.

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ICYMI: April 18, 2014

Dance, Joffrey, dance.

Sorry for our absence last week, but we’re back with a brand new ICYMI on this lovely spring weekend, so let’s get to it!

-Is it really meta to post the story about James Franco calling NYT theatre critic Ben Brantley a “little bitch” and suggesting he go work for Gawker and actually link to Gawker’s story about it? I don’t know. “Meta” gets thrown around a lot these days.

-The trailer for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black is here and IT. IS. AMAZING. Also, if it gets picked up for a third season (which, duh, it will), Laura Prepon will be back as a series regular (even though she’s only appearing in four episodes of season 2). There is just SO MUCH GOOD OITNB NEWS YOU GUYS.

-Michelle Obama will make a cameo appearance on Nashville, which, no offense to Nashville fans, is a show I regularly forget is even a thing.

-Even though Mara Wilson (who, incidentally, has grown up to be a really good writer) wants nothing to do with it, there is supposedly a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works, which is terrifying because a) it will probably be awful and b) THAT MOVIE IS ACTUALLY REALLY SCARY.

-Bryan Singer, the director of the X-Men franchise, has been accused of drugging and raping an underage boy, which is, obviously, horrible and fucked up. ABC has pulled his name from ads for a series that he’s exec producing, and his accuser has been speaking out a lot, so… yeah, this doesn’t look good.

There might be a motherfuckin’ Jayoncé tour. I’m so overwhelmed with emotion that I don’t have anything witty to say about this.

-More incredible news: two comedy duos are reuniting and I’m already trying to buy tickets to both of their movies. John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell will work once again with their Stepbrothers director, Adam McKay, for a border patrol comedy, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will play sisters in The Nest. I may or may not be having heart palpitations right now.

-Oh, here’s another movie I’ll be lining up for starting… right about now: Magic Mike XXL will be released on July 3, 2015. What a perfect way to celebrate our freedom.

-Amy Schumer, nailing it per usual, aired an insanely dead-on Aaron Sorkin parody called “The Foodroom” on her sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer. It costars Josh Charles, a sorkin veteran (Sports Night) and literally everything about it is spot-on. I’m not sure why no one’s given her a late night show yet.

-And finally, some David Fincher news. The first teaser for his new film Gone Girl has been released, and it looks appropriately brooding, dark and excellent, and he has officially split from Aaron Sorkin (I’m having deja-vu) on the Jobs biopic, which he is reportedly not directing. I’m guessing Christian Bale said no, then?

Great! We’ll have more Game of Thrones and Veep recaps up early in the week, plus a piece from Ben on anthology shows and… some other stuff. It’s nice out! Go outside!

Veep Recap: “Some New Beginnings” and “The Choice”


I think Veep succeeds as a great TV show because it’s able to be the least political show about politics on television right now. Yes, the main plot-line for Season 3 is Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her team beginning her “pre-campaign” for the Presidency, but this show has always been about the people wearing the suits, rather than the suits themselves. We laugh not because of the issues they’re handling, but how they are being handled by these incompetent, selfish politicians. Veep is the latest in a line of shows that have an “abortion” episode, and is likely the only show that doesn’t take a stance on the issue, mainly because the characters don’t really care about it; they just need to figure out which side makes them look better.

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Game of Thrones Recap: A Sip of Wine Makes the Poison Go Down

You know how when we all started watching Game of Thrones, there was just that one character who made every single viewer feel stabby and punchy? Well… his wine slash justice has been served. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, “The Lion and The Rose,” SPOILERS, obviously, but if you haven’t seen that episode yet, you kind of have no business being on the Internet at all.

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