ICYMI: Friday, May 30

Sorry for posting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this week. I guess our best excuse is that Memorial Day caught up with us? Well, anyway. Here’s what happened this week.

-Good news for Carey Mulligan up there – Levar Burton, after a single day on Kickstarter, has raised enough money to resurrect Reading Rainbow! He raised $1.6 million of his $1 million already and there’s still 34 days left, so they had better come up with some choice backer rewards if they want to Veronica Mars this thing.

-Vulture is winning everything this week: they put up a comprehensive history of Ryan Gosling and a game where you have to feed Tyrion Lannister as much wine as possible.

-The trailer for What If, starring (my future husband) Dan Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, has been released, and it looks like an actually good version of a romantic comedy. Take notes, Blended.

-Amy Poehler released the cover of her book, Yes Please, which will come out in October, which is just really not soon enough because it is not right now.

-In a non-hilarious prank, the same awful guy who stuck his face into America Ferrera’s gown at Cannes punched Brad Pitt in the face at a Maleficent premiere. He was arrested, obviously, on charges of being a complete shitdick.

-Mindy Kaling, one of the best humans ever, gave the Class Day speech at Harvard Law, where she hit on Noah Feldman and said a whole bunch of other great things, because she is great.

-Laverne Cox, yet another excellent human, is the first transgender woman to grace the cover of TIME Magazine. She could not possibly look more gorgeous on the cover, she’s an exceptionally brilliant human rights advocate, and her groundbreaking show comes back next week (THANK GOD), so I would say she’s having a really good week.

-Three HBO news items for the price of one: Danny McBride is returning to HBO with a non-Kenny Powers series; True Detective will have three leads and will be set in California (which has led to some seriously excellent memes); and HBO itself is developing a 60’s-era Stonewall-set drama, produced by Adam Shankman.

-Pixar won’t have a new movie this summer, but in June of next year Inside Out will hit theaters and Pixar has just released the insanely adorable sounding plot details, which involve a little girl’s brain with Amy Poehler voicing Joy, Mindy Kaling voicing Disgust and Lewis Black voicing Anger. I literally cannot wait for Pixar to nail this once again. Why is everything amazing that’s happening so far away?!?

-Finally, the sad news of the week. Poet, author, and human rights activist Maya Angelou died in her home in Winston-Salem on Wednesday at the age of 86. Her completely original and hugely influential voice will be missed, but never forgotten.

We’ll have some actual content this week, starting with our Game of Thrones recap on Monday! Happy June soon, everyone!

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