Game of Thrones Finale Recap: Parents Just Don’t Understand

Another season of Game of Thrones has ended – which means another agonizing, 10-month wait – and I’m going to be bold and say this has been the strongest season yet. Maybe that’s not that bold. The third book is full of huge, game-changing moments, and the creators did have all of that to work with (and, for those of us who HAVE read the books, you know they’re saving a few juicy bits for Season 5). But, even with the unnecessary raping and the rather lackluster Crows-Wildlings war, this season was executed exceedingly well, and gave us maybe the best season finale we’ve had so far.

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A Piece of My Mind: Should We Care About the Tony Awards Anymore?


Last night, the Tony Awards committee made the decision to remove the Sound Design categories from the annual awards celebrating Broadway, a figurative slap in the face to an essential design component of the theatre. Sound designers create the soundscape of a show, and a good sound design can make or break a show. This award was first introduced in 2008, and showed a huge progression for the Tony Awards, showing that they were in touch with the artists who are creating the shows of today. But by removing this category, something is becoming evidently clear about the Tony Awards organization: they’re completely out of touch with the theatre world. And this leads me to my next point: should we even be watching the Tony Awards anymore?

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ICYMI: June 6th 2014


Happy June, y’all! Summer is upon us, and here’s the latest pop culture shenanigans to get you through your weekend!

-If you were worried you didn’t have anything to binge-watch this weekend, then have no fair! Season 2 of Orange is the New Black is now streaming on Netflix for your viewing pleasure! Nina and myself will be delving into it this week and will give you our thoughts ASAP!

-The film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars is also out this weekend, so go give yourself a good cry and check it out.

-Lots of fun Star Wars news out there! Pictures from the set getting leaked, speculation over whether the Millennium Falcon will appear in the film, and both Gareth Edwards and Joshua Trank are on board to direct their own separate Star Wars “stand-alone” films, whatever the hell that means. Is the Star Wars universe going to resemble something like the Avengers universe? Let’s just see this next movie, and then we’ll talk.

-Last weekend, Jonah Hill used an offensive slur against a paparazzi who was harassing him. In response, Hill was super classy about the whole thing, and gave the sincerest of sincere apologies for the incident on The Tonight Show. Class act, Jonah.

-Comedian Patton Oswalt is taking a self-imposed leave-of-absence from social media, feeling that he has gone a little overboard with his Twitter trolling. We’ll miss you this summer, Mr. Oswalt. Hopefully you’ll be back soon enough with your wit and cynicism.

Game of Thrones is OFFICIALLY the most watched HBO show EVER. I would like to think our episode recaps have been playing a huge role in this achievement, just saying.

-What is the official “Song of the Summer?” Nina (and many others) are convinced that it’s “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. I’m on a mission to find something else. Please, God, something else.

More TV recaps (Game of Thrones, a wrap-up of Louie), Summer movie reviews, and yes, our search for Song of the Summer, will be coming your way, so stay tuned!


Game of Thrones Recap: Bloodyface

I have waited for so long to make an American Horror Story reference in one of my Game of Thrones recap titles, and I’m simultaneously thrilled and horrified that today is that day. Anyway, the fourth season of this show seems to be doing away with its previous formula: setup, setup, more setup, Episode 9 is crazy, Episode 10 is a whole barrel of setup, with usually one action-packed sequence stuck randomly in an early-season episode. This is SO not the case anymore. Episode 8 packed a whole lot of wallops, to the point where Episode 9’s preview actually seemed lackluster! Let’s talk about what went down.

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