Make Your Case: Best Actor in a Comedy Series


For the next week, (Pop) Culturally Informed will be running a brand new series called Make Your Case, where Ben and Nina will take on one major category in turn for next week’s Emmys, pick who they think should win, and make their case. Note: We aren’t going to say who WILL win, but who should. Sometimes these will be one and the same- but we like to choose the road less traveled. Enjoy!

First off, Jim Parsons will probably win in this category because fuck you. Second, this category honestly doesn’t have a stand-out “GIVE THIS PERSON THE AWARD” actor like some of the other categories this year. But this is “Make Your Case,” and as we’ve said before, we make the rules. So my job is to state who should take home that golden statue tonight.

So fuck it, I’m going with Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. bore his soul for the fourth season of Louie, both as an actor and a writer. With this season, Louis began his exploration of the women in his life. His two daughters, his ex-wife, his mother, and his many, many lovers, even spending a 6-part story and a 3-part story on his romantic relationships. It all culminated in an examination of Louie and his long-time love, Pamela, played by a worthy sparring partner to C.K., Pamela Adlon. Season 4 of Louie definitely wasn’t the funniest season of the series, but it showed us an extremely vulnerable component of Louie’s character; just how damn human he is.

Of all the nominees in this category, Louis C.K. gave the most natural, and with that, the most emotional of the nominated characters. You can chalk that up to Louis “sort-of” playing a version of himself, or him writing and directing the series. And yes, that certainly does help, but I think something that Louis is great at is just how truthful he is on the show. He’s not trying to bullshit you with any aspect of the show. He’s telling the stories he wants to tell, in his own unique way. There’s no trickery at play here, everything on screen here is as honest as it can get in the TV realm.

Louis C.K. has won Emmys many times before for his writing on Louie, but I think this is the year where he needs to be rewarded for just being himself on TV, something none of the other nominees can say they were doing.

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