The gang got back together! (Can you call two people a gang?)


So, we know we’ve been pretty absent recently. Like, for almost a month. But there are reasons! Like… Ben has had shows, and Nina’s been filling out job applications 24/7, and most importantly, Nina went to Chicago, and the two co-founders of (Pop) Culturally Informed were reunited for the first time since they started the fucking blog. Obviously, a momentous occasion. So, here’s a picture of us right before we ate a bunch of tacos and drank some whiskey. (You’re welcome for the dumb look on Nina’s face.)

And, fear not, reader! We’ll be back with plenty more stuff – Nina will be recapping Game of Thrones starting next week, ICYMI will make a triumphant and GIF-y return, and we’ll work on more regular features. We swear. Seriously.

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