Game of Thrones Recap: Nice Day For A White Wedding

Okay, so we’re mid-season, and no, not that much really happened this week. We as Thrones watchers should be used to this by now, especially since we’ll have to inevitably gird our loins for whatever fresh hell Episode 9 will bring. That being said, what did happen this week, while it was a little slower than usual, was prettttttty important. (Some of it.) Let’s get things going!

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Game of Thrones Recap: How Daenerys Got Her Groove Back

HOLY SHIT, GUYS. This just got SO REAL. Consider the ante upped for the rest of the show, and forget about those dumb books. Who even reads books anymore anyway?! (Okay, I do. Constantly.) Benioff and Weiss have been brewing some serious twists this season – to the point where even the setup is crazy exciting – and I couldn’t be more thrilled about these upcoming five episodes. Let’s DO this.

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Game of Thrones Recap: Who’s Your Mommy?

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT (if you never go on the Internet slash talk to Game of Thrones fans!): Thanks to some interesting developments in last night’s episode, I WILL be discussing, at some length, the prevailing theory about Jon Snow’s mother, also known as R+L=J. This spoils NOTHING that has happened in the books beyond the show, and is covered extensively in the novels in like, the beginning of Book 1, so if you’re not familiar, this seems like as good a time as any to start learning. If you want to remain willfully ignorant, bye Felicia!

This episode of Game of Thrones brought with it some nice developments and a few new characters, presumably to replace the ones we’re steadily losing – truly sorry to see you go, Barristan Selmy and/or Grey Worm! Even with all that, we’re still gaining a good sense of momentum – with Sansa girding her loins for revenge, Tyrion making good headway towards a new queen, and Ellaria rallying her and Oberyn’s fighting daughters, we really have a lot to look forward to this season. (Not to mention the Bronn + Jamie Fun Time Show, which I would happily watch a full hour of, every week.) So let’s get to it!

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