Unbreakable Emmy Schmidts: Nina and Ben Break Down The 2015 Emmy Nods

B: Oh man oh man oh man. The Emmy Award nominations came out today, and boy do we have a lot to celebrate/be worried about. Outstanding nominees in both the Comedy and Drama categories, plus some love for John Oliver, Will Forte, and Amy Schumer. Do we have good reason to be overjoyous this morning or what?

N: YES! I’m kvelling over Big Bang Theory’s conspicuous absence and thrilled to see new faces popping up in the Comedy categories, but there’s still some usual suspects that should definitely have faded into the Emmy ether by now. (Looking at you, Modern Family and fucking House of FUCKING CARDS which has just spent three years LOOKING like a prestige drama while doing NOTHING AT ALL.) Um… anyway.

B: So let’s take a look at these two categories side by side. Comedy and Drama! Laughs and Tears! What Orange is the New Black was Last Year and what Orange is the New Black is This Year!

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