True Detective Season 2 Recap: Nevermind

I’m sure you guys have read a LOT of recaps trying to make sense of the season finale of True Detective‘s much maligned second season, but this is the real deal. Settle in, guys. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

Everyone broods, chainsmokes and chugs whiskey

Vince Vaughn’s scone-faced wife has a scone face

Crow masks?

Colin Farrell and James Frain are way too obviously Irish/British, respectively

Rachel McAdams was sexually abused as a child and is now a ~vengeful, complicated renegade~ because that’s what ALWAYS comes of that particular situation


Murder that sets up entire season is solved in 15 seconds and turns out to actually be insanely irrelevant

90% sure there was some big to-do about a railroad but as I am unfamiliar with the logistics of land trust deals, I can’t be positive

Everyone dies

Bitches love babies


(Christ, that season sucked a butt.)

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