Emmys 2015 Recap: The Good, The Hamm, and the Andy

Ben and I cover the Emmys, which were a thing that totally happened last night and were… actually, they were pretty cool! We don’t have a LOT of complaints, except when we do.

N: So let’s discuss this year’s Emmy telecast, which for the most part I thought was cheerful and fun and cool! I have some REAL FEELS, though.

B: What an Emmys! Old Winners! New Winners! Zero-Percent Modern Family! It was certainly a night to remember, but let’s cap it off with our thoughts on our most ridiculous of host’s, Andy Samberg, who did….a pretty good job with his task, wouldn’t you say?

N: I fucking LOVE Samberg, and I’m trying to not be too biased here, but I thought he was a lovely host. His energy was upbeat and excellent; his jokes were, by and large, very funny; and his pre-taped bits, which were so clearly written by The Lonely Island, were absolutely delightful. The opening was one of the funniest I’d seen on any awards show in a long, long time. Also, let’s address this immediately: this telecast ended a FULL MINUTE EARLY. Even though it seems ridiculous to celebrate that, #neverforget this year’s six-hour, song-filled Oscar telecast, so one minute feels like a huge victory.

B: His opening song/sketch/whatever was a delight, and was an excellent dose of comedic ridiculousness to get us into the evening. I wasn’t as enamored with his live bits, but his presenting the “World’s Best Boss” mug to Lorne Michaels was an extra special treat I didn’t know I wanted in my life, but here we are.

N: You didn’t know you needed it, but you did. You just did. Anyway, let’s discuss some winners. Emily Nussbaum tweeted about how a world where you’re slightly bummed that Veep one is still a pretty solid world overall, but I… still have some feels, and some that my loyal recap readers may not see coming. But on that topic, and quickly: Freak Show deserved nothing except a Sarah Paulson Emmy, and since she’ll be on that show until the end of days, she has time. Ben, your thoughts?

B: I can’t say I’m truly “mad” about anything, except maybe Allison Janney getting a Supporting Actress in a Comedy award (Still? Mom is still a thing?!). Veep is still a solid show, so seeing them win Best Comedy was pretty nice, and I’m thrilled beyond anything that Jill Solloway and Jeffrey Tambor got recognition for their astounding work on Transparent. I guess my heart wasn’t as in it this year, especially since I wasn’t rooting for too many of the nominated dramas (though props to Uzo Aduba on her history-making win, and for Viola Davis and her oh-so-necessary speech on the state of diversity in television).

N: I was thrilled to see Regina King, Aduba and Davis up there – and the support for all three from fellow nominees and friends Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson was flat out ADORABLE – and definitely cried over Aduba’s speech, especially since she could barely make it through. Viola Davis is a perfect, wonderful genius, so, yes. I was happy to see Peter Dinklage win, even though the only real sense I can make out of most of the Game of Thrones wins is that the Academy watched season 4 again by accident. Oh, and Ben? Ask me about Jon Hamm.

B: Sigh…what are your feelings on Jon Hamm, Nina?

N: LONG LIVE THE HAMM!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! SUCK IT, SPACEY!!!!!!!! (Also, dude lit’rally rolled onto the stage to a standing ovation. He’s perfect.)

B: He did literally roll onto the stage, which was quite glorious. I will say that (not having watched the series but from what I’ve heard) the Game of Thrones win seemed to be a bit undeserved, especially after what was a wonderful final season for Mad Men. Same goes for Veep, which beat out a marvelous debut season from Transparent and a lovely final season of Parks and Recreation.  

N: We all know how much I love Game of Thrones and Veep. I love them a LOT, but… hrmmmm. I honestly can’t say Veep and its queen JLD didn’t deserve their awards – this season of Veep was extraordinarily clever and funny, even when its titular Veep was, well, not the Veep anymore. (The writers appear to have fixed that, in the funniest way possible.) Am I upset to see Parks & Recreation, and especially the magnificent Amy Poehler, spend seven years being one of the funniest half hours on TV and get zero Emmy recognition for it? Yes, but if they were going to lose to ANYTHING, Veep was by far the worthiest. As for Game of Thrones… gah. This was the season where half of its viewers kept threatening to opposite-Brokeback and quit it, and yet, it cleaned up last night. Its win for Directing seemed apt, considering that the win was specifically for the carefully helmed finale “Mother’s Mercy,” but that episode ALSO won for Writing, which is legitimately ridiculous (as many have pointed out, this line WON A FUCKING EMMY). Best Series, though, felt SO wrong. Again, did the Academy rewatch season 4 of Thrones by accident?! Mad Men’s final season was so beautifully planned and executed, and like Parks & Recreation, it stuck its landing hard. To see it and creator Matt Weiner go 100% overlooked was a little hard, I won’t lie. You know what else was hard but also great, though? Seeing that Tracy Morgan is okay and crying everywhere forever.

B: Oh goodness, seeing Tracy Morgan finally up on stage again, and making ridiculous jokes, was such a joy to see. It’ll be lovely to see him host SNL in a few weeks, and this was a great precursor to that. Also, final note from me, but the internet is going crazy over Amy Schumer’s “brilliant” “badass” speech, which was neither of those things. The internet is silly sometimes.

N: I mean, her smokey eye looked real good. I was way more excited to see Jon Stewart, again though. COME BACK, PAPA! COME BACK TO US! Anyway, I think that’s… basically all I’ve got. This was a pretty good telecast. I’m not nearly as angry as I usually am on regular post-awards show Mondays.

B: More than anything else, the Emmy’s are very much a “what’s hot right now” contest. HBO is on top these days, it seems. Onto the next awards!

N: And until then… HAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

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