• A shot of the protagonist doing something stupid/embarrassing with a voiceover of them saying “This is me. I know, right?”
  • Employing a voiceover device, and then dropping it halfway through the movie.
  • Most voiceovers, to be honest.
  • A movie set in the past with characters speculating about “future” technology, ultimately saying something like “Yeah, like THAT will ever happen.”
  • That moment 2/3rds of the way through the movie where two characters have a rift in their relationship, and they wallow in sadness via a montage set to a fucking Ben Folds song.
  • Farts. Just…farts.
  • When a dog/baby does that thing where they are somehow embarrassed for the protagonist so they cover their face up as if they understand the concept of shame. They don’t. They are a dog/baby.

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