Best Picture Profile: The Revenant


As we come closer to the Academy Awards , we’ll be posting short profiles of each Best Picture nominee, attempting, in our own ways, to not only sum up what the movie is about, but why we believe it scored one of the eight coveted nominations, and why it could possibly take home the big prize come Oscar night. Enjoy!

Nina and I like to try and find a “theme” to unite the Best Picture nominees every year, for no reason other than (a) it’s fun and cute and such, and (b) it’s nice to maybe see if there’s a unifying direction the world of the Academy is going. Obviously, much of the discussion around this year’s Oscars has been about those not included in the nominee list (and rightly so), and with recent changes in Academy membership policy, we look forward to a more diverse Academy Awards in years to come.

With this year’s nominees, though, there is still an underlying theme of the mysterious, those yet-to-be-explored terrains. To us, to our film’s protagonists, to all of the above. A “Journey to the Unknown,” as we’re dubbing it. And no film dares to go to that most unknown of unknowns, hell and back again, than The Revenant, our first Best Picture Profile entry.

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Oscars 2016: First Reactions!



N: Well, the Oscar nominations were released today, and now that the Golden Globes dust has settled, we can see what made it to the final tally and what didn’t. Are you feeling good, Ben?

B: Just like every Oscar morning, I’m feeling wonderfully “meh.” The films I expected to see get in, did. The films I thought could slip in through the cracks, didn’t. And as always, any movies about a non-white protagonist are nowhere to be seen. Just like every Oscar morning.

N: The Academy was dreaming of a White Oscars? Too soon?

B: Never too soon, just too bad. So, what are you most excited about with this morning’s nominee list?

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Golden Globes Predictions: Who Might Win, How We Feel About It & Nina Cries About Jon Hamm


B: Drunk people. Ricky Gervais. Spotlight. These are a few of the things that will likely be featured heavily tonight, at the Always-Pointless Golden Globes tonight. Nina, what are you most looking forward to, other than a few shots of whiskey?

N: Well, definitely that last part, but it would also be nice to see Jon Hamm win again, and beyond that, just see what totally weird choices the HFPA goes with this year. Remember The Affair, guys? (No. No, you do not.)

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