Golden Globes Predictions: Who Might Win, How We Feel About It & Nina Cries About Jon Hamm


B: Drunk people. Ricky Gervais. Spotlight. These are a few of the things that will likely be featured heavily tonight, at the Always-Pointless Golden Globes tonight. Nina, what are you most looking forward to, other than a few shots of whiskey?

N: Well, definitely that last part, but it would also be nice to see Jon Hamm win again, and beyond that, just see what totally weird choices the HFPA goes with this year. Remember The Affair, guys? (No. No, you do not.)


B: What is Casual? Ah screw it, it won’t win anyways. In the television categories, we take an early look at what TV shows will maybe be nominated for Emmys? Expect big wins for Fargo, Mad Men (which is absent from Best Drama for some odd reason) and probably a surprise win for newcomer Rachel Bloom in the actually-good-show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (I promise you, it is ACTUALLY GOOD).

N: Yo. I’m right behind you, Benjamin – I have a deep, deep love for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and as we saw last year with Gina Rodriguez from the also-amazing Jane The Virgin, the HFPA loves giving awards to CW newcomers who are charming and adorable, SO, I think the Rachel Bloom prediction is spot on (plus, do we NEED to watch JLD take home her 50th award for Veep? Like, probs not). Casual is… fine, but is basically Transparent-lite, which will probably win even though I would prefer that Veep takes it, speaking of Veep, because again, it’s actually funny. Transparent just makes me ugly-cry, no matter how much I love it. I literally can’t discuss the Mad Men situation without having a full rage-attack, but for once, I am rooting firmly against Game of Thrones’ subpar fifth season and gunning for Mr. Robot, which had a beautifully assured and well-thought out freshman season.

B: As always, I am extremely illiterate in the Drama TV categories, but I will always agree with you! Also, maybe some love for Aziz Ansari with a Best Actor award? It’s a shame they left his masterful (no pun intended…actually, yes intended) new series Master of None off the ballot, so this might be a nice way to reward him for it. They could also give Oscar Isaac an award for Show Me A Hero because who doesn’t want more Oscar Isaac? Give us more, Hollywood Foreign Press! You know we love him!!!!!

N: I DEFINITELY want more Oscar Isaac, preferably in front of my face, giving me a foot massage and softly singing me songs from Inside Llewyn Davis. I’d also be down to see Uzo Aduba win another award for humanizing Crazy Eyes, and I’m SUPER curious to see what would happen if Lady Gaga somehow won an award. LOLZ.


B: Now, while the GGlobes aren’t the best way of seeing what will win at the Oscars in a month or so, they are something of a good litmus test of whether a potential Oscar winner looks good in front of a crowd. How would a Best Actress Oscar for Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn look? Is it finally time to give Leo his due for The Revenant? And does the Spotlight backlash begin tonight if they win? Where do we go from here?

N: Leo’s not allowed to win any awards. Sorry, Leo. We already know what a Best Actress Oscar for Cate Blanchett looks like, but by all reports, she’ll be the one to beat for Carol, though personally, I’d much rather see Brie Larson win for Room, where she was frigging outstanding. I’d also love to see ANYONE besides J. Law take home Actress in a Comedy – Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer were both great and get recognized way less. Ben, how do you feel about Mad Max: Fury Road maybe winning tonight?

B: Sadly, the love of my life Mad Max: Fury Road likely won’t be winning tonight, at least in Best Picture (don’t be surprised if George Miller sneaks away with Best Director though.) That will be Spotlight’s to lose. In the “Musical or Comedy” category, depending on who wins, The Martian or The Big Short, that will be your big contender in the Oscar race, potentially. But Valhalla willing, Fury Road might still have some legs in this awards season of ours.

N: I guess the only thing to do now is… ugh. Watch it. I will be watching ALL BY MY LONESOME, but catch me live-tweeting @ninastarner and look for our wrap-up post tomorrow. Let’s get drunk, nerds!

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