What’s Next for (Pop) Culturally Informed


Oh… hey there, guys.

So, yes. It’s been a while, thanks to new jobs, shows, and a myriad of other excuses, but whatever. (Pop) Culturally Informed is getting back on its feet and launching more content to clog your newsfeeds!

Nina will, of course, resume her Game of Thrones recaps after its premiere on April 24, and is planning on writing separate pieces about how that show is working with its truly weird adaptation struggles. She’ll also be talking about the state of comedy on TV (spoiler alert: it’s good).

Ben is planning on writing some thinkpieces about summer blockbusters and segments about how pop culture is interfering with the current presidential election circus.

We’ll also resume coverage of big pop culture news with tidbits here and there, and, if time allows, will give ICYMI another shot (but don’t hold out much hope for that one, kids). We’ll also be publishing opinion pieces  so we can keep shoving our feelings in your face.

Okay, then! Gird your loins or whatever! New content coming soon.

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