Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Punch-Drunk Love


The only thing that I’m more excited about than watching the season 13 (!) premiere of Grey’s Anatomy is breaking it down with YOU in my very first TV recap for (Pop) Culturally Informed! So, let’s get right to dishing about the dark and twisty lives/careers of our favorite surgeons from Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey-Sloan-(McDreamy) Memorial Hospital.

In this episode, titled “Undo,” we learn that hindsight is 20/20…unless you get your face beaten in to the point of potential blindness.  Continue reading

Make Your Case: The Acting Categories


Just under the wire, people.

With this first Emmys post, I want to welcome a handsome, dashing gentleman who is now an official part of the (Pop) Culturally Informed team, Brian Pope! Brian is a pop culture weirdo who’s bringing a ton of new and exciting ideas to this blog, and Ben and I could not possibly be more thrilled to have him with us.

And with that said, here are our picks for the Emmy’s big acting categories!

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