Make Your Case: Best Drama Series


In the final installment of our Make Your Case series, we have Brian with his plea for Best Drama.

You know how in emotional situations, your heart will tell you one thing and your head will tell you a whole other thing? While there are very few things more high stakes and emotional for me than the last category of an awards show, my soul and my brain are in agreement that Game of Thrones is poised for a twopeat victory for Best Drama Series. I mean, let’s be real, season six has single episodes (“The Door” and “Battle of the Bastards,” which should probably just tie for Directing, not to mention “The Winds of Winter”) better than the entirety of reigning champ season 5. Who can say they enjoyed watching poor Shireen burn last year more than watching those dickish Dothraki (RIP Dany’s clothes) or the fucking wretched High Sparrow (RIP Margaery) meet their ends this season? That’s right. No one.

Creators Benioff and Weiss drifted into uncertain waters without any more of George R.R. Martin’s source material to anchor them. In spite of that, they delivered some of the best action sequences in television history and set all of our favorite/most hated characters right where they need to be in preparation for the shows final two mini seasons. Do the right thing, Emmys — give the gold to Thrones or Dany is going to change course from Westeros to the doorstep of the one voter who still cares about Homeland and House of Cards or wishes Better Call Saul was as great as Breaking Bad.

The one part of me that is screaming something other than GoT is my sentimental pinky finger that I poke out while sipping tea at luncheon telling me that Downton Abbey’s swan song deserves the show’s first Drama Series trophy. Over the years, I kept coming back to the show for the exceptional design, but really stayed for the Julian Fellowes’ characters, who all got a fair, fitting farewell without any pesky time jumps or wacky revelations. And for anyone who has been #TeamEdith all these years, your time has come.

As for the rest of the nominees, Mr. Robot is definitely the hot freshman series, but these ain’t the Golden Globes, and the show seems to be suffering in its sophomore outing. Then there’s The Americans, which picked up a slew of long awaited noms (including two for its stars), but I still feel is just warming the spot that the lackluster third season of Orange is the New Black left for it.

Also have to give a shout out to Lifetime’s super soapy and satirical backstage drama UnReal. It’s a literal guilty pleasure because it will make you feel like shit for ever enjoying any reality show ever. To me, it totally belongs in this lineup but I’ll settle for it winning the Writing trophy for its AH-MAZING pilot.

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