And (We Think) The 2017 Golden Globes Go To…


Brian: It’s beginning to look a lot like predictions! First up, the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The ol’ Globes have forever been known as a celebration of film, television, and bribery. Everything the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and America hold near and dear.

Ben: A good night for celebrities to get drunk and give us a preview of what their Oscar acceptance speeches might look like. And this year will be no different, but who will take home that precious, precious Globe?  

Nina: And, as we all know, the HFPA tends to make some PRETTY weird choices when it comes to their awards. Sometimes the weird is wonderful, like when they throw statues at national treasures like Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom, and sometimes it’s straight up baffling, like when Mozart in the Jungle beats Veep, which, clearly, I am still struggling to grasp. Let’s try and figure out what’s going to happen during this wonderfully drunk telecast, hosted by a rumored raging alcoholic!!


Brian: Well, let’s start where the most complex and cinematic storytelling is taking place: television. Are we looking at yet another unsurprising and well-deserved sweep by the The People v. OJ team?

Ben: The TV awards usually lean towards the show that’s SUPER hyped right now, so my money might go towards a good night for Westworld, HBO’s latest sci-fi/fantasy/genre-heavy sensation. Don’t be surprised if they get Best TV Drama, and even some awards love for Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton, who, for what it’s worth, are both absolute badasses on that show.

Brian: I haven’t seen Westworld, so I’m betting all the Eggos in the world on everyone’s favorite summer surprise Stranger Things. Awarding this divinely derivative drama before the Emmy’s can will make the HFPA feel cool for once. BUT The Crown could also be a spoiler. It fits perfectly in the spot of the perennially nominated Downton Abbey and it’s pretty addictive and absolutely gorgeous from a production standpoint.

Nina: I honestly think Game of Thrones SHOULD win for its finest season yet, but the HFPA loves the newcomers, so I’m with you guys – it’s really going to be a race between Stranger Things and Westworld, though I might put my money on the former because it was such a cultural force this summer. Ben, have you even finished it yet, or what?

Ben: Finished Westworld, but not Stranger Things, I’m a tragic figure who hasn’t gotten my TV-watching life together. Maybe next year.

Brian: Transitioning to the uncharacteristically more interesting Comedy/Musical side, I’m thrilled for the nominations for two of my favorite new shows of last year, Atlanta and Insecure.

Ben: Given the recent trend of rewarding young actors with new TV shows, I’m definitely calling both Donald Glover and Issa Rae to win for their respective shows. They’re both super likable actor-creators, and I totally see both of them getting Globed.

Nina: Oh, I definitely think Issa Rae is taking home a statue for Insecure. The HFPA fucking loves fresh faces, and hers is the all-time freshest right now. That being said, if you’re doing a ballot, just put fucking Mozart in the Jungle down if you want the point for Best Comedy, and don’t ask followup questions.

Brian: I think another hot category to watch will be Best Actor Mini-Series/TV Movie. Emmy-winner Courtney B. Vance versus Bryan “LBJ” Cranston is a battle for the awards ages. At this point, I’m not really sure which has the buzz necessary to come out on top. If those heavyweights do indeed take each other out, it’s possible that newcomer Riz Ahmed of The Night Of could swoop in. He’s nominated against his costar John Turturro, but one of them is in a Star Wars movie and the other has been in three Transformers movies. You do the math.

Nina: Brian, I totally agree. I think People vs. OJ and its cast could very well be poised for another post-Emmys sweep, but yeah, we’ve got some sneaky newcomers in there that the HFPA could very well poo their international pants over. I honestly don’t know. It’s all a crapshoot.


Ben: Get ready for that Hacksaw Ridge sweep cuz it’s a’comin!!!

Brian: Reaallllyyyy? Ugh, sucks for Tom Ford and that ball of confusion he calls Nocturnal Animals. He spent a lot of money shipping those free bottles of perfume to the voters.

Ben: Enough petty jokes from us! This year’s Globes won’t be the best early predictor for Best Picture what with the Drama/Musical-Comedy division, thereby giving La La Land the win in the latter category, and the Drama category being a daring race between Moonlight and Manchester By the Sea.

Brian: You’re right, Ben. There are so many movies I loved last year nominated here. Barring a last minute surge of momentum from Florence Foster Jenkins or Deadpool, La La Land definitely has one half of night’s biggest prize as well as the two music awards (Original Score and Song) locked up tight. Sorry, Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’m predicting that the unbelievably delightful Moana is also going to be steamrolled in the Best Animated Feature category. The only question is whether it’s by Zootopia or Kubo and the Two Strings.

Ben: It better be Kubo, the best animated film this year. Riding that samurai train to the Oscars!

Nina: The La La Land/Moonlight divide is going to be a cah-razzy one to watch, yinz guys. (Sorry.) They’re probably going to win their respective Comedy and Drama categories, which means that the Oscar race is just going to tighten EVEN MORE. I’ve yet to see Moonlight, but La La Land has that old-white-person approachability that might push it over the edge. (And I really liked it. But let’s be honest.)

Brian: Emma Stone and Mahershala Ali are for sure going to add to their massive award hoards for Actress Comedy/Musical and Supporting Actor respectively. But I think the rest of the acting categories are much harder to call. Unless you’re recent Walk-of-Fame inductee Viola Davis, that is.

Ben: Every time Viola Davis doesn’t win an award, an angel loses it’s wings. Also, I’m gonna call it here first; Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool. It’s like when Robert Downey Jr. won for Sherlock Holmes. It’ll be dumb and silly and the HFPA will go ga-ga for it.

Brian: I really hope some of that genre movie goodwill carries over to Best Actress Drama for my girl Amy Adams from the incredible Arrival. Even with a bunch of aliens flying around, her subtle and enlightened performance is the most out of this world element in the film. Sadly, she is slowly but surely falling out of what is becoming a two person race between Stone and Jackie’s Natalie Portman. The Globes clearly love two time-winner Adams. What else could explain her winning for Big Eyes a few years back? But if she can’t pick up this trophy or the SAG award, her Oscar chances are shot.

Nina: Like, I would say “poor Amy Adams,” but that feels ridiculous to even think. I do think the Oscar race will come down to Portman vs. Stone, especially since Davis will likely find herself slotted into Supporting (and hopefully take that baby home, because COME ON, PEOPLE).  

Brian: Word, Nina. And that’s all for this episode of “As the Golden Globe Turns”. Make sure you (with drink in hand) tune into NBC this Sunday January 8th at 8PM for the main event hosted by the aforementioned suspected lush, Jimmy Fallon. After the ceremony, check back to (Pop) Culturally Informed for a recap of the award results and the night’s best/worst fashions. Happy Friday, friends!

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