Make Your Case: 2017 Emmy Awards


Just in time for the 2017 Emmys, Brian and Nina talk about who they want to win, the power of Big Little Lies, and keeping each other on speed dial for exciting wins.

Drama Series
Nina’s Pick: The Handmaid’s Tale
I truly would LOVE to see Stranger Things take this baby home, if only for the acceptance speech by its perfect stars (and, well, Winona’s cracked out acceptance speech schtick), but nothing can touch The Handmaid’s Tale for sheer relevance. Even if Emmy voters give in to their constant Anglophobia and award The Crown for some reason (why do you think Downton Abbey got nominated so much?!?), with the current political climate approaching Gilead-esque levels, Handmaid is a solid bet to take one of tonight’s two top trophies. The cinematic quality and careful attention to storytelling don’t hurt either.

Drama Actress
Brian’s Pick: Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale
Remember last year when Nina and I called each other right before Sarah Paulson won her Emmy and our squeals harmonized when her name was called? No? Well, it’s about to happen again! That’s right, Elisabeth Moss has surpassed Paulson levels of being overdue for  this honor and is quickly approaching Susan Lucci territory. It’s her EIGHTH nomination for Beyoncè’s sake. Without the threat of last year’s winner Tatiana Maslany and with the momentum of The Crown‘s Clare Foy seemingly at an end, Elisabeth has this in the bag. It’s honestly one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on a television show, and I haven’t even seen the episode she submitted for contention.

Drama Actor
Brian’s Pick: Milo Ventimiglia & Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
There’s approximately a 0% chance of a tie between these two happening, but I’ve seen 0% of the other performances up for this award so I’m just going with my heart here. This Is Us shattered everyone’s expectations for what a network TV family drama can deliver in 2017 as did Ventimiglia and Brown playing father and son struggling with everything from alcoholism, mental disorders, and racism across two different, yet not so distant times in history. Whether they’re doing push ups with a young child on their backs or having nervous breakdowns in an office, they each have the unique ability to make you simultaneously laugh, cry, and want to fuck them every moment they’re on screen. This is how you win an Emmy, Anthony Hopkins.

Comedy Series
Brian’s PickAtlanta
I feel like the trades anoint literally every new comedy series with the distinction of being the “most exciting debut in recent years” but, when it comes to the Golden Globe-winning Best Comedy Atlanta, it’s true. Everything about this show is fresh. Creator and star Donald Glover is wittier and more woke than any of us could ever hope to be. If you need proof, look no further than this season’s standout episode entitled “B.A.N”. In it, a mock-nightly news show profiles a young black man who identifies as a middle-aged white man. If that hilarious and slightly unsettling brand of social commentary sounds like your cup of tea, then Atlanta is…also your cup of tea.

Comedy Actress
Nina’s Pick: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
I’m literally not even having this conversation. Are there other deserving actresses nominated? Absolutely. Does Louis-Dreyfus need another Emmy? Probably not. Is she getting better every single year on Veep? One thousand percent.

Comedy Actor
Nina’s Pick: Aziz Ansari, Master of None
I already know Jeffrey Tambor is going to win, and that is FINE, but in an ideal world, Aziz would (possibly make history?) and take home a statue for his moving, beautiful performance in Master of None‘s transcendent second season, which finds Dev struggling with feelings for a woman he can’t fully have. Not only did Ansari deliver a powerhouse performance, he also created the damn show. Show some love, Emmys! Please!

Limited Series
Brian & Nina’s Pick: Big Little Lies
What more do we even need to say? HBO’s adaptation of a soapy Liane Moriarty novel boasted beautiful setpieces, knockout writing, and perhaps the most perfectly assembled cast of any show this entire YEAR. Tackling domestic abuse, the power of sisterhood, and sexual assault, Big Little Lies took a seemingly fluffy premise and found true depth, and frankly, it should win for the soundtrack alone.

Limited Series Actress
Nina’s Pick: Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies
If anyone beats Nicole Kidman — even her co-star, Reese, who, in any other year would easily take this award home — for her portrayal of Celeste, a domestic abuse victim who finds the strength to change her life, I will LOSE MY SHIT. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, PEOPLE. Kidman is at career-best here. Nobody can touch her.

Limited Series Actor
Brian’s Pick: uh…Riz Ahmed, The Night Of  or maybe Ewan McGregor, Fargo
Unfortunately for the patriarchy, this was the year of women—at least when it came to lead performances in TV Limited Series. When there’s FeudBig Little Lies and Black Mirror: San Junipero , who cares about Oz The Night Of and what appears to be a male-dominated season of Fargo. That being said, Riz Ahmed’s star is definitely on the rise and Ewan McGregor played twins, so they get my vote. Why not?

Tune in THIS Sunday September 17 @ 8PM on CBS for 69th Annual Emmy Awards! And, for real, stay tuned for next year’s show when I’m betting on a CGI dragon to win for Best Guest Actor in a Drama. Bye friends!

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