One day, Ben Kaye (@thebenkaye) tweeted to Nina Starner (@ninastarner) about making a pop culture blog.

So here it is.

(Pop) Culturally Informed is a blog devoted to covering all facets of the pop culture spectrum, including movies, tv shows, fashion, music, theatre, and celebrity gossip. We’re willing to spend all our time in front of screens just to tell you what’s on them.

Ben Kaye is a Chicago-dwelling Renaissance-man. He enjoys directing plays, writing songs, and training to be the next Steve Martin. He lives for Breaking Bad, There Will Be Blood, Louis C.K., and The Simpsons (Seasons 2-8). He enjoys long walks on the beach, and the Muppets.

Nina Starner is a Philadelphia girl (born and raised). She is a woman of many half-accomplished talents, such as acting, writing, and waitressing. Her pop culture obsessions include, but are in no way limited to, Mad Men, Sleep No More, Arrested Development, Amy Poehler’s face, Meryl Streep’s perfection, and Kardashian/Top Model hate-watching sessions. She loves dogs, her five pairs of Frye boots, drinking whiskey, and her Netflix account.

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