Harry Styles’ Style

As a young man, and as is the case for most young men, I was filled with disgust over all things boy bands. Yes Bieber, I’ll make an exception to include you. Was it jealously? Absolutely. One Direction is terrible and yet the entire world is weak at the knees. Was it wondering why couldn’t I be the fifth most popular member in such a band? YES. JEALOUSY. Yet the funniest thing seems to happen, as I grow older with them, our tastes seem to also grow together. Now, Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, and future style icon Harry Styles inspire me and are a bigger part of my life than ever. Yep I’m still just as jealous but old enough to know I’ll never achieve such a level of fame, so it’s hard to hate them at all. I’ll save you the side-by-side comparison of my outfits versus Harry’s throughout the year and instead show the progression in aesthetic of a teenage front man to being the face of Gucci.

Nov 2010: Aw, 16 year old Harry and only a few months into X Factor with the new One Direction. I guess we can call this the beginning of his tattoo obsession like all kids do, with marker on the back of their hand. This outfit is terrible. But again, awwww baby Harry. Important note: he learns that things can go on top of his hair.

Sep 2011: This is peak me hating One Direction. Who are these clowns? I like none of this except Harry’s blazer pattern and the helicopter. Important note: Harry is not touching Zayn because LOOK at his shirt. Harry is smart. Also ironically later in life Zayn helps the air tie trend by learning to also fasten every button instead of just the top.

Jul 2012: Well hello there, beanie. Millions of boys and girls rush out immediately and grab the slouchiest knit cap they can get their hands on. Oh the beauty of long hair poking out from underneath a headpiece, good move, sir. Rolled sleeves were in, now they’re out, and hot prediction, this cycle will never end. Important note: the last time Harry will ever wear a pair of sneakers in his life. I think he rocks loafers even at the gym.

Dec 2013: That smug look one gets after being voted Britain’s Most Stylish human. Black on black on black on polka dot on black is always a great choice. Did you see the hair change? Harry is truly coming into the long locks and latches onto Saint Laurent for the rest of Hedi Slimane’s tenue as creative director of the house. Important note: This was taken during his month-long fling with Taylor Swift and all that really came out of it was a snowmobile accident and two catchy songs (“Out of the Woods” and “Style”). You guessed it, they never, ever, ever got back together.

Dec 2014: The same event, Britain Fashion Awards, just one year later and the hair plus style moves continue to grow for the better. Also just like last year this moment is the calm before the storm. This time, One Direction enjoys its last few months together before Zayn Malik leaves the group. Enjoy the paradise before the war zone, young one. Important note: so long naked fingers I think he adds a new ring for every additional 10 million fans. Same!

Nov 2015: Harry literally blossoming. This was the year of florals, pussy bows, silk scarves, Gucci, and as if there had been any doubt leaves his One Direction boys in the shadow of a truly stylish man. I’m also pretty sure he hovers over the ground in this exact position at all times just to show off. Important fact: Alessandro Michele is named creative director of Gucci in January of 2015. I’m guessing they meet at that year’s British Fashion Awards where Alessandro wore a very similar floral suit and gets an invitation to the Gucci Gang.

Nov 2016: Maximum hair flow achieved. Maximum DGAF achieved. Harry is now too big creatively, stylistically, and follicly to be held back by One Direction and leaves the group. Boy (band) Bye. Important fact: big career moves of leaving One Direction, starting a record label, and recording his solo album all while also making his acting debut with the filming of Dunkirk.

Nov 2017: Ok now we can start tossing around the word ‘icon’ with fits like this custom Alexander McQueen paired with bronze square-toe boots. A year full of press appearances, each one with absurdly supreme suits, leaves the entire world aware just how talented this man is. Notice the extra rings?? No coincidence! Important fact: Rolling Stones names his lead single “Sign of the Times” the number 1 song of 2017.

2019: After becoming the new poster child of Gucci with the Autumn/Winter 2018 and Cruise 2019 campaigns under his (G buckle) belt, Harry was offered a co-chair position at the 2019 Met Gala, also his first ever appearance at the most popular fashion event in the world. Alongside Alessandro Michele, Harry nailed the “Camp” theme and smashed gender norms with an amazing sheer Gucci blouse with a pussy bow, high waisted trousers, and mixed palette painted nails. Important fact: his business card now reads “Harry ‘Fashion Icon’ Styles.”

What’s next in store is a mystery for now especially since he hasn’t posted to his Instagram account since July 16, 2018 but you can guarantee he’ll look fantastic.