This Is Us Finale Recap: You’re Tacky & I Hate You


Much like my dear friend Brian, I have not felt compelled to cover This Is Us in its debut season, though every other website on the Internet has certainly done my job for me. Every Monday, I endure several headlines screaming that “THIS WEEK’S THIS IS US WILL DESTROY YOU – SHOWRUNNERS SAY TO BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, BUY TISSUES IN BULK, CALL YOUR FAMILIES & TAKE A WEEK OFF WORK!” On Wednesdays, after the show airs on Tuesday nights, I see new and improved headlines, blaring “THIS WEEK’S THIS IS US WAS THE SADDEST THING EVER – IT WAS WORSE THAN WHEN SKIP DIES AT THE END OF MY DOG SKIP!*Continue reading

Breaking Down the 2017 Oscar Nominations: And None for Amy Adams. Bye!


Well, it’s Christmastime for pop culture nerds – the Oscar nominations are here, and to absolutely nobody’s surprise, the three of us have some FEELINGS about this. Join Brian, Ben & Nina as they shed a tear for poor Amy Adams and shake their fists at Florence Foster Jenkins (although that’s really just Ben).

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