Scandal Final Season Premiere Recap: It Takes Two


I will be in denial about this show ending until the credits roll on the final episode. I’ve been so much in denial that it took me this long to watch the first episode of Scandal season 7. BUT I finally did and I have some things to say about it. Continue reading

2017 Tony Awards: Who Will Win, Who Should Win


My absolute favorite day of the year is upon us once again! Continue reading

This Is Us Finale Recap: Every Day a Little Death


I know that we haven’t covered This Is Us at all this season, but, after watching last night’s finale, I felt compelled to word vomit my feelings.

If you have not yet seen “Moonshadow”, STOP READING and go watch it NOW. The only thing that will make you cry more than this episode is knowing what happens before you watch it. Continue reading

Feud: Bette & Joan Recap: Cruel Intentions


Thank Beyoncé that Bette and Joan aren’t alive to witness my tardiness with this recap. It’s unclear to who(m) the episode’s title “The Other Woman” is specifically referring to, but what is very clear is how incredibly obsessed I am becoming with this show. Continue reading