Five Visions I Have For The Return of That’s So Raven


HOLY SHIT, friends! This was one of those monumental moments you know will be immortalized in many #TBT posts from now until eternity. Yesterday on The View, co-host Raven-Symoné announced that her 2003 Disney Channel sitcom That’s So Raven would be getting a brand new reboot/spin-off/sequel! Oh snap, indeed. Continue reading

Parks & Recreation Finale Recap: With the People You Love

When you watch Parks & Recreation episodes on Netflix with the subtitles on, they describe the upbeat, peppy theme as “triumphant music.” (Sometimes, I need to watch Parks & Recreation while I blow-dry my hair, hence this discovery.) Triumphant seems like a great word to describe this little series that could – a series that, while always beloved by critics and Internet denizens alike, was constantly on the verge of cancellation, but which was eventually allowed to exit gracefully on its own terms. As much as I wanted this show to go on for years and years, I’m happy it went the way that it did. This is how you do a finale. (I’m looking RIGHT at you, How I Met Your Mother. Yeah. I’m still mad.)

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A Piece of My Mind: Should We Care About the Tony Awards Anymore?


Last night, the Tony Awards committee made the decision to remove the Sound Design categories from the annual awards celebrating Broadway, a figurative slap in the face to an essential design component of the theatre. Sound designers create the soundscape of a show, and a good sound design can make or break a show. This award was first introduced in 2008, and showed a huge progression for the Tony Awards, showing that they were in touch with the artists who are creating the shows of today. But by removing this category, something is becoming evidently clear about the Tony Awards organization: they’re completely out of touch with the theatre world. And this leads me to my next point: should we even be watching the Tony Awards anymore?

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