Oscars 2017 Recap: Moonlight Won the Popular Vote


Well, the 89th Academy Awards were last night, and they were ACTUALLY CRAZY, YOU GUYS. This afternoon, Nina and Brian are here to break down the snubs, most emotional moments, Kimmel fails, and plot twists that might earn the telecast a Best Picture nod next year. Continue reading

Oscar Predictions: The Kids Are All White


N: Well, here we are. The Superbowl of Movies is back, so of course, we’re here to pre-judge it, make a bunch of predictions, insist they won’t come true, and then I’ll cry about Jon Hamm. He’s not even nominated, but that’s just something I do from time to time.

B: Take your Jon Hamm sadness and stick it up your Trumbo, THIS IS THE OSCARS, PEOPLE. Will Sylvester Stallone get some Oscar love? Will Leonardo DiCaprio yet again be torn asunder at the mercy of the Oscar Gods? Who in the hell will actually win Best Picture? In what is one of the most unpredictable races in recent Oscar history, it’s time for us to make our presumptions, and pick who should/will win this Oscar Sunday!

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