Movie Review: Inside Out

 This post contains mild spoilers about Pixar’s latest dream ballet, Inside Out.

I’ve been waiting for Inside Out for quite some time now – as we all have, since this movie was five years in the making – and when I settled in to my seat at the East Coast premiere during Vulturefest, I figured I should prepare myself. I should be prepared to ugly-sob, I should be prepared to laugh through my tears, and I should be prepared to leave that theater feeling like this movie had some kind of real impact on me. I wasn’t even a little bit disappointed.

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Movie Review: The Interview



The funniest thing about The Interview might be that now we officially have to equate James Franco and Seth Rogen with defending free speech in Hollywood. The situation surrounding this film is near unavoidable when discussing it in any context, since I can’t recall there ever being a film in U.S. history that has provoked such high international tensions as this one. But I want to do my best to just review this on it’s own merits, which to be fair, it does have a few. But this isn’t the glorious beacon of free speech it’s been made out to be. When going in to watch The Interview, you might go in thinking “Yes!! I am defending my right to free speech by watching this.” But you’ll probably finish the film thinking “They made such a big deal over that?!

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

I need to take one second to talk about how hilariously schizophrenic the trailers were – at least, they were in my theater. Our trailers consisted of about three war movies, the Stephen Hawking movie with Eddie Redmayne, Into the Woods (which was the only one that even KIND of matched the tone of the movie that followed it), one Nicholas Sparks movie, and the Fifty Shades teaser, because people running trailers for Gone Girl couldn’t figure out what the fuck genre this movie was and just kind of threw these together and hoped for the best.

Anyway. Onto that review. I have to say, that tidbit was an excellent way of avoiding spoilers before the cut. And SPEAKING of spoilers, for the love of God, do not read the rest of this if you have not seen the movie or read the book.

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