SNL Recap – Host: Sarah Silverman. Musical Guest: Maroon 5.


Now that’s more like it.

While not completely laugh-out-loud, this week we at least got some laugh-out-loud sketches from the SNL crew (including one sketch which was just out of this world ridiculous). The cast and writers are getting a bit more comfortable, and a lot of the pacing issues from last week have been cleaned up. A lot of my fears from last week’s premiere have been slightly (oh so slightly) alleviated this week.

And of course, the lovely Sarah Silverman was our host for the evening! I’m a big fan of Sarah’s comedic style, and I’m glad that they just let her do her own thing during the monologue, a mix of stand-up, audience participation, and interacting with her past-self via video clips. And at least it wasn’t a damn song. But how was the REST of the episode? Better than last week, for sure. I can give it that…

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SNL Recap – Host: Chris Pratt. Musical Guest: A Cat


Welcome to our new Saturday Night Live recap section! I’m here to tell you how SNL is doing these days, which I know is a great concern. Hell, the show is in it’s 40th season! And as it reaches middle-age, the wrinkles are starting to show. I can’t say I’m not a bit worried about this season after watching the premiere this weekend. SNL continues to be plagued by poor writing and horrific pacing (one of the many reasons that the video sketches continue to reign supreme week-to-week), and there are only glimmers of hope through much of the mediocrity.

But enough with the negative stuff, our host tonight was Chris Pratt! We all love Chris Pratt! He’s an adorable everyman who is also a kickass action hero. We saw him in a lot of everyman roles, or action hero roles tonight. So how did he do? Well……read on, my friends.

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