Jane the Virgin Recap: [title of show]


Is it possible for a story to truly begin at “Chapter Forty-Seven”? Ask Jane. Oh wait! You can’t. She’s too busy getting it on with Michael…! Whaaaat the whaaaa?! I’m still a little in shock, so bear with me as I stumble along through this recap.

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Jane The Virgin Recap: Mateo Dentata


For this week’s recap of “Chapter Forty-Six” of Jane The Virgin, I’ll be using the tried and true (P)CI point system! Math is definitely not my forte, but I am embracing it for the sake of dissecting this biting, tantrum-filled, and (of course) emotional hour with the Villanueva clan. Friends, get out your abacuses, I know I’m going to need mine.

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Jane the Virgin Recap: Straight Outta Romance Novel

Chapter Forty-Five

(S)Heeeee’s baaaack! After an impromptu and accidental hiatus, I have returned to bring you my take on the season three premiere of CW’s Jane the Virgin. We reunite with Jane after her own agonizing and cliffhangerrific hiatus that left her heroic hubby Michael with a GSW to the chest and STILL no sex with his one true love to speak of. Let’s turn the page on “Chapter Forty-Five” and try to resist the urge to scroll to the bottom of my post. I’m hoping the journey will be worth it. Continue reading