Scandal Final Season Premiere Recap: It Takes Two


I will be in denial about this show ending until the credits roll on the final episode. I’ve been so much in denial that it took me this long to watch the first episode of Scandal season 7. BUT I finally did and I have some things to say about it. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap: To The Window, To The Wall

A foreseeable future without Game of Thrones gathers, and now my watch begins. This half-man of a season finale gave us a lot, and by a lot, I mean a few extremely satisfying moments tied in with a bunch of total nonsense, so basically, it was a pretty typical episode of Game of Thrones. Let’s get started, for the last time for a while.

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Game of Thrones Recap: We’re All In This Together

With only two episodes left in Season 7, I think audiences are expecting non-stop ridiculous action right up until the end (me, it’s me, I am expecting that), but with that being said, this episode did a lot of solid work that I am totally fine with, even without a battle scene that makes my whole living room scream. Let’s jump right in.

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