Are you guys watching Brooklyn Nine-NIne yet? Get on that! It’s hilarious! Anyways, here’s what happened this week…

Breaking Bad airs its final episode on Sunday! And the entire cast of the show, plus creator Vince GIlligan, were on Conan this week.

-Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West may or may not be in a fight right now.

-A bunch of new shows debuted this week, including Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Crazy Ones, The Michael J. Fox Show, and a bunch of the shows that will probably be cancelled come next year.

-Not only is Kevin Smith making a Clerks III, but he’s also making a movie about a man who turns into a walrus. It’s called TuskI think Kevin Smith is the only person who thinks Kevin Smith is still relevant anymore.

-Jimmy Fallon continues being the best late-night host out there and sings with the cast of Sesame Street.  And has a lip-sync battle with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

-Vulture posted a super important list about pop culture milestones that define millennials. So, basically, that list is everything our blog is trying to be so maybe we should just quit?

-Colbert’s speech at the Emmys may have been sincere and lovely, but let’s see what happens when he gets back into character and still has two Emmys.

The Glass Menagerie opened on Broadway featuring glamorous actress Cherry Jones, adorable ray of sunshine Celia Keenan-Bolger, and everyone’s favorite Spock-Who-Isn’t-Leonard-Nimoy, Zachary Quinto.

-Seriously. Watch Breaking Bad on Sunday.

Coming Up Next Week:

-Remember that time I said I was going to review Netflix Original Series Derek? That’s still happening I promise?

-An postmortem on Breaking Bad. It will be sad, then happy, then sad again.

-We look at Homeland and Masters of Sex. 

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